Four salty seasons

July 1st marked our one-year anniversary of living aboard The Red Thread – It’s hard to imagine that we bid adieu to our landlubbing life a full year ago!We moved aboard in the heat of summer and watched as summer swelter subsided and the leaves on the trees faded to hues of yellow, red, and orange. We left our footprints on the docks when they were dusted with snow, and we were there when spring came and new life was born into our seaside community. We longed for daylight when the sun sunk below the horizon before 5 pm and enjoyed drinks and laughter with neighbors when sunlight lingered until 10 o’clock.IMG_8918_edit

We watched algae blooms consume the water and have seen firsthand the full lifecycle of the jellyfish. We’ve learned that the smell of dead fish after dark is a sure sign that harbor seals are near. We’ve stayed up late and crept quietly down our dock trying to catch a glimpse of sleepy seals snoozing in the moonlight. We have witnessed epic sunsets and shared many meals in the cockpit with friends, family, and new acquaintances. We recently watched our thermometer tick above 90 degrees in the cabin and gave thanks for refrigeration and the refreshment of a cold beer.IMG_2206_Sunset 07.13.14

Moving aboard wasn’t just about enjoying our dockside experiences, it was about chasing experiences. And we have. We sailed our home to the Captain Whidbey Inn, where in a three-piece chocolate suit and a champagne gown, we stood beneath an altar of driftwood we had built together and committed our lives to each other. The Red Thread spirited us away on a honeymoon that took us to the west coast of Vancouver Island, where hot springs, salmon, and a few memorable mishaps awaited us.wed004We have celebrated birthdays with theme parties, swung lazily in our hammock at anchor, and snuggled on the bow to cheer on the best fireworks display of our life. We’ve slept in the cockpit, hauled up traps filled with dungeness and red rock crabs, “raced” in the Downtown Sailing Series, and managed to cook gourmet meals in our tiny oven (though we’re still best at hot dogs and margaritas). IMG_6301_edit

IMG_1359_edit2We have made friends at the marina and look forward to chatting with the Harbormaster when we see him. Doug and Bryan at the fuel dock know our faces and seeing them when we pump out adds a jovial vibe to an otherwise dirty task. We’ve argued and laughed and loved. We’ve broken things, completed repairs, and started a garden. The Red Thread has become our home, and Elliott Bay Marina is truly our favorite neighborhood ever. IMG_0301_TRT Eagle Harbor

11 thoughts on “Four salty seasons

    • Thanks, Jackie!! Living aboard really has helped us to get to know her better and to feel more ready, not to mention that it is great to come home to do repairs, rather than traveling from home to the boat and back as we get things taken care of.
      Cheers, Jessie
      PS. We have the same hammock! LOVE IT (and got engaged in it, actually)!


  1. Nice! Congrats on the first year of living aboard!

    We did the same thing. We did the live aboard during the season for three years now we are full time.

    By the way, I am really jealous of Red Thread. She is a beaut and sooooo big. I would love to have all that storage.

    Fair winds,



    • YES, we’ve been following your moving-aboard process! Congrats again to you. She is roomy! We are glad we opted to make the decision of “first boat” instead of “first house.” Hopefully, eventually we’ll add a couple of pint-size crew to the mix to fill her up! ~Jessie


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  3. Fun post – great wedding photo (very lovely dress)! We were at Quartermaster on “Blue” last year as well for the big fireworks! Small world!

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    • Thanks, Kevin! What do you know, it really is a very small world! It seems the more I see of it the grander it grows in scale and the smaller it becomes in terms of social circles and community. I love that about travel. Did you make it to Quartermast this year? We joined our friend aboard s/v Ale er Ron, since we’re back in the PNW for a stint. It was another amazing show! ~Jessie


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