Winter wonderland

Snow in Seattle is pretty damn rare. Snow in the marina, well, this is a first for us. We arrived home late last night to a two-inch blanket of heavy snow that had fallen while we were out. We crept carefully down the powdery dock. Neither of us had any intention of falling, and we were especially careful after Neil slipped on ice a couple of weeks ago and slammed face-first into the gangway grate (some good bruises, but nothing broken).

I awoke this morning hoping that the snow didn’t get washed away overnight by Seattle’s ever-present drizzle. Lucky for me, it didn’t! I crawled slyly out of our berth, pulled on my coat, grabbed the camera, and set out to spend a few minutes wandering through our seaside winter wonderland. A scene like this only makes its way to Seattle every couple of years after all! Being raised in a place where winter always brings snow, I sometimes miss it. Mind you, I don’t miss months of snow, but I knew the snow on our docks would be unlikely to survive the day. I wanted to experience it.

Winter collage1

The cold tickled my nose and with each step, my worn out old Sperrys left a black imprint in the damp snow. I walked up to the path that runs along the head of the marina. The view from there is lovely. To the east, downtown Seattle. To the west, the Puget Sound and Bainbridge Island. As I made my way back down our dock, I decided not to walk all the way to the end. No one had come down to check on their boat so early, and there is something I find so very beautiful about a path of undisturbed snow. While I was out, my wonderful husband had awoke, and I returned to a fresh cup of coffee. Perfect timing.

Sure enough, by mid-afternoon, the drizzle had returned and our snow had disappeared.


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