On September 30, 2014, we set sail from Seattle and hung the “big left turn” south, aiming to sail from Seattle to Australia in a single year. We quickly learned that cruising (life in general, really) is all about being flexible and modifying plans as needed to keep our happiness meter pegged in the desirable direction.

We altered our “plan” in favor of spending more time in Central America before continuing on (read more on that decision here). That meant making alternative plans during the rainy season and needing to earn more money. We ultimately left The Red Thread in Costa Rica and returned to Seattle, where we secured 6-month employment contracts. We returned to our beloved boat in January 2016 to continue our voyage across the Pacific.

 On November 22, 2016, we made landfall in Coff’s Harbour, New South Wales, Australia. We eventually settled in Melbourne, Victoria. In the last three years, we got jobs, obtained permanent residence in Australia, and made a handsome new crew member named Sawyer Knox (after the mischievous Mark Twain character and sailing legend, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston). Our latest adventure was across the Bass Strait to Tasmania in December 2019, with our then 10-month-old.

Check out our route track and Red Thread’s current location on our DeLorme Mapshare.

South Pacific Stitch Logo_FINAL“You will recognize your own path when you come upon it, because you will suddenly have all the energy and imagination you will ever need.” ~Jerry Gillies

10 thoughts on “Route

    • Hi Ellen! Indeed…we are a buzz with the best kind of nerves! We have not totally ruled NZ out (and we would LOVE to cruise there, too), but we suspect we will have the best job prospects in Oz. Short list of your favorite spots?


  1. Hey you two, Captain Ron here. I was soooooooooooo happy to see the pictures of you entering San Fran!! You two rock! Need the blog on how the trip down was! Can’t wait to read it

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    • It really is the COOLEST thing ever! The little device works off the Iridium satellite network, so it can follow us ANYWHERE in the world! It also does two-way text messaging. Amazing! A great gadget to consider for any adventurers on land or sea 🙂 ~Jess

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  2. Good luck guys and will follow you all the way !!! I know it will be amazing. Take in every moment because sometimes you never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory ! Loving following the videos ! Wishing you all the best and good winds and following seas ! Geri and Rich xxx

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