Critters of Elliott Bay Marina

As the sun starts to climb high into the sky
It’s g’morning for some critters and for others g’night.






The Canada geese arrive in a gaggle
And splash around giddy, tail feathers a-waggle.
They paddle the canals, their life mate always near
But only visit Elliott Bay for part of the year.




From down in the water to up on the docks
When the weather warms up, the seals belly flop.
With a nervous demeanor and puppy dog eyes
These blubbery blokes are our favorite to spy.





Silvery seagulls love to caw and complain
They quarrel about mussels as if it were a game.
They fly thru the sky and thru the masts they float
It’s fun to admire them, till they poop on your boat.




IMG_1025_editSavvy little varmints skilled at mischief and theft
Ravens love shiny objects and will steal things if left.
Darting thru the sky, a black mask on their face
They pester the seagulls and often give chase.

IMG_1005_editLong dainty tentacles, like ribbons they flow
It’s an interpretive dance, a jellyfish show.
Full of beauty, mystere, and allure
This elegant huntress appears falsely demure.

IMG_0096_editFurry and playful yet rather sneaky and sly
The otter are curious but also quite shy.
They run on the docks and snuggle in the sun
After diving together and swimming for fun.

IMG_0469_editRegal and proud the heron seem to gloat
A noble old man in a waist length feather coat.
On spindly legs his majesty does stand
And if his feathers get ruffled he’ll scold and demand.

IMG_1021_editThe busiest of all the marina’s residents
Boats spiders never cease weaving intricate nets.
Although creepy and crawly and prone to cause fright
They seem to keep the mosquitos at bay in the night.

Sunset over The Red Thread, it’s the end of the day
G’night to all the critters in our home, Elliott Bay.

10 thoughts on “Critters of Elliott Bay Marina

  1. Love the photos! Are those otters really at Elliot Bay Marina? I had no idea they came down this far. I’d love to know what kind of camera you have. I love my camera, but I think I need to take some lessons in using it. There are so many features and settings I just don’t know how to use.


    • YES, they are at Elliott Bay! There is a little clan of them that live down here. They’re all cute and cuddly until they make a home in an enclosed cockpit that doesn’t get visited all winter (ooh wee smelly!)…fortunately, we don’t have to worry about that peskiness. We just get to enjoy the cuteness when we see them occasionally. That photo was taken behind our boat. I have a Canon 70D, which I love! We decided to upgrade recently, as we want to make sure we can document our voyage well…what a shame it would be to see beautiful things and not be able to capture the images as keepsakes. I still have a TON to learn about photography in general (and especially about this camera), but I love the process. ~Jessie


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  3. Beautiful photos and very creative poems! We have lived aboard for 4 years now and know exactly what you mean! Loving your blog – well done!

    Liked by 1 person

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