Ep. 17 VIDEO: Treks, Tours & Tattoos in Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

March & April 2016

Reaching Rapa Nui aboard The Red Thread was an immense accomplishment for us, and given that some boats reach the island only to find swell conditions untenable, we were truly fortunate to enjoy 18 incredible days there in April! Seas collide with the island after thousands of miles of wide open ocean, making the nights rolly…but poor sleep was a meager price to pay for the opportunity to explore one of the world’s most mysterious gems. We hiked and explored the island’s monuments and spent time in three different anchorages. It was more beautiful than we expected, and we loved our time there. Neil also got a TATTOO – an unforgettable stop indeed!

Read more about our time on Rapa Nui HERE. and HERE.

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Watch the video HERE.

NOTE: This video may not be viewable on a mobile phone.

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