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Ep. 17 VIDEO: Treks, Tours & Tattoos in Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

March & April 2016 Reaching Rapa Nui aboard The Red Thread was an immense accomplishment for us, and given that some boats reach the island only to find swell conditions untenable, we were truly fortunate to enjoy 18 incredible days there in April! Seas collide with the island after thousands of miles of wide open […]
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Rapa Nui: Moai, misfortune, and a mysterious cult

March & April 2016 After four days of exploring and tackling projects aboard Red Thread (and s/v Prince Diamond) in Rapa Nui’s northernmost anchorage, swell conditions improved, and our small cruising fleet sailed from Anakena to Hanga Roa to officially clear into the country. We buried our 45-pound delta anchor in the sandy seabed 90 […]
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