VIDEO Ep. 20: French Polynesia~Red Thread & The Isle of Blue Sky

May & June 2016

Our passage from the Gambier Islands to Raivavae was seven days of the most peaceful ocean sailing imaginable. We always had just enough breeze to keep our sails filled and when the breeze picked up, we caught our first fish since our passage to the Galápagos!

What a sight Raivavae was to behold. The Isle of Blue Sky (the literal translation of Raivavae) quickly stole our hearts. We spent more time with Mike and Gill on s/v Romano, made new friends with the crews of Tamata and Pau Hana, enjoyed good bicycling and hiking, got into a little trouble, ate delicious local fare, and experienced interesting cultural happenings. We hope you enjoy this little vlog trip to Raivavae!

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Watch the video HERE.

NOTE: This video may not be viewable on a mobile phone.

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