Monthly Archives: April 2016

Back in the groove: Sailing and scuba in Central Costa Rica + Ep. 10 VIDEO

January 2016 The breeze awoke with the colors of sunrise, as we hoisted our sails at dawn on January 24th. I sipped my coffee and wrapped my arms around Neil, overcome with a sense gratitude to be sailing once more after so many months away from our sailing life. It was a balmy morning along […]
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New friends, old friends, and a menagerie of jungle mammals

January 2016 We had hoped we’d be able finagle a way to stay aboard The Red Thread while she was on the hard, but Marina Pez Vela forbid us from doing so. As it turned out, the boatyard restrictions had a fantastic silver lining. We booked a room at a local hostel, Wide Mouth Frog, […]
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Recommissioning: Days ‘n days in the yard on the hard + Ep. 9 VIDEO

January 2016 A blanket of damp, broiling heat enveloped us as we exited the large sliding doors at San Jose International Airport. Unlike our rookie cruising season, which began at 48° north and ended over a thousand miles south of the Tropic of Cancer, we wouldn’t have an opportunity to gradually acclimate to the tropics […]
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