Anniversary of our journey to Brigadoon

BRIGADOON: A place that is idyllic, unaffected by time, or remote from reality; a place where a person finds pure happiness; a place to which one can never truly return.

The Red Thread_Penn Cove

Three hundred sixty-five days ago, at The Captain Whidbey Inn, Neil and I shared vows, exchanged rings, and sang and danced in our very own Brigadoon. We celebrated and reveled in merriment at our wedding, surrounded by all of the red threads of our life.


During our first trip around the sun as husband and wife, we worked and played and laughed and loved, making more memories than we can recount. We drafted plans for the sailing voyage of a lifetime and tightened our belts, saving money to make it a reality. We experienced moments of sadness, worry, and frustration with aspects of our life beyond our control. We struggled with the illnesses of loved ones and have celebrated the marriages of friends and the births of babies. Our patience with each other has dwindled in moments of stress, and we’ve erupted in laughter acknowledging that we will annoy each other more than anyone else in the world, while simultaneously knowing that we will bring each other more joy than anyone else possibly could. Each moment has been a stitch in the fabric of an incredible life we are weaving together.

Neil, my love for you grows deeper in unexpected moments, and this year was but a stepping stone in a long journey of love. I would marry you all over again today if the sands of time would allow it. I love you, only you. Happy 1st anniversary, Capi!

Invitation to Love

Come when the nights are bright with stars
Or come when the moon is mellow;
Come when the sun his golden bars
Drops on the hay-field yellow.
Come in the twilight soft and gray,
Come in the night or come in the day,
Come, O love, whene’er you may,
And you are welcome, welcome.

You are sweet, O Love, dear Love,
You are soft as the nesting dove.
Come to my heart and bring it to rest
As the bird flies home to its welcome nest.

Come when my heart is full of grief
Or when my heart is merry;
Come with the falling of the leaf
Or with the redd’ning cherry.
Come when the year’s first blossom blows,
Come when the summer gleams and glows,
Come with the winter’s drifting snows,
And you are welcome, welcome.

By Paul Lawrence Dunbar

Return with us to Brigadoon…

Thank you, Glenn, for giving me the word Brigadoon to describe something otherwise beyond words. Thank you, Heather and JJ at First & Foremost Productions for capturing our day on film so beautifully that our Brigadoon will always feel tangible. Thank you, Heather at Giggles & Grins for our beautiful photos.

7 thoughts on “Anniversary of our journey to Brigadoon

  1. I didn’t realize your where married Whidbey Island! We have some good friends that we made fairly recently that gave up on land based life on Whidbey and drove across the country in their van to fix up an old sailboat and start sailing south. Their in South Carolina now getting ready for a Bahamas hope this winter.

    Congrats on the Anniversary!


    • Hi Jesse! It sounds like your friends are having a tremendous adventure! Whidbey Island is a magical place, with lavender farms, madrona trees, and a damn good cafe for pie, among other delightful things! Thank you for wishing us well! We hope to meet you all when we come thru San Diego in a couple months, if you’re up for it! Cheers, Jessie


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