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No good very bad day

March 2015 Do you remember that game whack-a-mole? In case you’ve forgotten, it is a carnival game in which you whack a rubber hammer at a seemingly endless succession of “moles” that pop up from a series of holes in the table before you. The speedier you are and the more you strike, the higher […]
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Bitching and boating in Banderas Bay

January 2015 It’s dawn on the 15th of January. I’m wrapped in a blanket savoring the few moments of the day when the thermometer drops below 80 degrees. Thousands of silver fish with neon yellow fins dart behind the aft of The Red Thread. It’s the magical witching hour when the seas seem especially alive, […]
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Sippin’ on seawater

Before the advent of watermakers, boats would set to sea with as much water as they could hold, tanks full to the brim and jerry jugs lining the lifelines. Rainwater was funneled into tanks for drinking or used for other tasks (e.g., laundry, bathing), a practice that continues among cruisers today. Many, but not all, […]
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