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Rapa Nui: Moai, misfortune, and a mysterious cult

March & April 2016 After four days of exploring and tackling projects aboard Red Thread (and s/v Prince Diamond) in Rapa Nui’s northernmost anchorage, swell conditions improved, and our small cruising fleet sailed from Anakena to Hanga Roa to officially clear into the country. We buried our 45-pound delta anchor in the sandy seabed 90 […]
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Rapa Nui: On the heels of Hotu Matu’a

March 2016 At dawn on day 15 out of the Galápagos, the outline of Rapa Nui—Easter Island—etched the horizon and the scent of flora lingered in the air. The craggy outline grew larger as the sun climbed to its zenith and then ducked behind a mass of heavy, leaden clouds. The vista exceeded images we’d […]
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