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Magic in Meanguera, El Salvador

March 2015 It was early the morning of March 25th, and we were en route to Isla Meanguera from the Tamarindo estuary. The northeasterly winds were perking up for their morning blow, and the tides were beginning to ebb strongly; we were waging an increasingly slow battle against both. Even though we had just a […]
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Hull scrapes and muddy bottoms

March 2015 “VELERO RED THREAD! VELERO RED THREAD!” I began to stir. “Am I dreaming?” I asked myself. “Where is that voice coming from? When did I start dreaming en Español?” ‘VELERO RED THREAD!” Neil and I jolted awake. “Is someone out there trying to talk to us?” I sputtered. “What time is it?” Neil […]
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