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The king and queen of carbs

We love bread. I mean we really, really love bread. We’re not crazy about regular sliced bread and sometimes struggle to finish the loaves we rarely buy, but we LOVE artisan breads and homemade rolls. For a number of reasons, until recently, I had not baked bread since we moved aboard in July. We have […]
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Waffles. Mmmm…waffles

Sunday morning, we awoke to rain. I’m not talking misty, shvitzy, stereotypical Seattle springtime rain. It was really raining. On cold, dreary mornings, we tend to crave a hearty, stick-to-your-ribs breakfast. So, I decided to make waffles. Yup, waffles. Waffles aboard our boat. And they were damn tasty. In hopes that we would not find […]
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