Monthly Archives: February 2016

Six months Stateside: Vagabonds back to the grind

June – December 2015 Several of you have inquired about what we were up to when we returned to the US for six months to restock the cruising kitty and to wait out the Central American rainy season. So, here goes: a single-post synopsis of the physical and emotional elements of six whole months!Work and […]
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Voyage stats: Months FOUR thru EIGHT + Ep. 8 VIDEO

June 2015 We most certainly were not veterans, but after four months of sailing and nearly three thousand nautical miles, we had certainly begun to rub the velvet from our cruising antlers. During months four thru eight of our first season, we cruised from the heart of Mexico to the northern fringe of Costa Rica. […]
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The decommissioning blues: Readying Red Thread for a rainy-season snooze

June 2015 One of the things we’ve learned since buying our boat is that not using a boat at all is far more detrimental than using it all the time. Walk the docks of almost any marina, and you’ll quickly eyeball which boats are used regularly and which have been abandoned in solitary confinement. Without […]
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