Monthly Archives: October 2015

A vommer, a barracuda, y la bienvenida a Nicaragua

April 2015 I uncleated our bowline and heaved it aboard, unthreading it from Puerto Barillas’ mooring, to which The Red Thread had been tethered for 17 days. I looked aft over our dirty boat. Weeks without attention in the midst of the estuary, and she was grubby with a film of dirt speckles along her […]
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A troop of monkeys and a duo of Brits

April 2015 “Wake up! Hurry! We have to get moving if we’re going to get to see the monkeys before we have to head to Usulután to meet Tim and Emma!” It was a little after 7 am, and the day was calling. We’d barely rolled out of our v-berth, and we were already breaking […]
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Diving on Utila (Roatán’s cheap little cousin)

April 2015 After Neil’s bout with “baleada belly” had passed, we hit the road again. This time, we were bound for the coast—the Caribbean coast. With more than a week away, I began to experiences twinges of longing for Red Thread. At the same time, I relished the opportunity to gallivant around cities without checking […]
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