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Toward the crown of an estuary: Puerto Barillas, El Salvador

March 2015 In preparation for an early morning passage, we caught the afternoon ebb and motored across the Golfo de Fonseca, crossing the saltwater border between Honduras and El Salvador. As we cruised the gap between Islas Conchguita and Meanguera, we decided to give The Red Thread a little polish. Music up, we were on […]
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Hot ‘n happy in Honduras: Experiencing Isla El Tigre

March 2015 It was hot. Really hot. The large wooden shutters in the dimly lit room were swung wide open, like old barn doors, splaying sunlight across the floor. A row of tan little boys with thick black hair stood crammed along the windowsill, watching us in silence. The inquisitive gazes that make children so […]
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Magic in Meanguera, El Salvador

March 2015 It was early the morning of March 25th, and we were en route to Isla Meanguera from the Tamarindo estuary. The northeasterly winds were perking up for their morning blow, and the tides were beginning to ebb strongly; we were waging an increasingly slow battle against both. Even though we had just a […]
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