Monthly Archives: October 2014

Ready, set, sail: Medical kit and health readiness

One of aims of our journey is to travel off the beaten path and to sail to remote locations. As much as my nature is to focus on what could go right, rather than on what could go wrong, there is a very real possibility that one or both of us could become ill or […]
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Our first ocean passage: Neah Bay to San Francisco

At this moment, we are nearly 40 miles off the coast of Washington, and I am standing my first night watch on the ocean. The glow of city lights has been replaced by the glimmer of stars. The Space Needle, a beloved Seattle icon for me, no longer lights the sky. Instead, a three-quarter moon […]
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It takes a village + Ep. 1 VIDEO

Preparation for an extended sabbatical from work to sail the big blue has been intense these last months. We’ve had to do everything from prepare our boat; wind down careers; sell, recycle, or give away many of our belongings; sell our car; and somewhere between all of this try to emotionally come to grips with […]
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